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Convergence Point Media opens eHealthStore for ready-to-buy health consumers

PBR Staff Writer Published 09 June 2015

Convergence Point Media (CPM) has launched a mobile health shopper network, eHealthStore, to deliver convenience of online shopping with the ability to enable ready-to-buy health consumers to instantly find their product.

eHealthStore was created through CPM's strategic alliance with Retailigence, a leading platform connecting marketers with a nationwide shopper audience on the path-to-purchase.

Through this new development, CPM now provides over-the-counter (OTC) marketers with an opportunity to span digital channels and target ready-to-buy health consumers more precisely than ever before.

CPM managing partner Marc Benjamin said: "E-commerce has transformed retail, but consumers can't wait when it comes to their health.

"eHealthStore tells you where you can go to not only purchase your allergy medicine and supplements on the spot, but also get a coupon discount and avoid shipping costs.

"Consumers with intent to buy will find the product on their mobile device and just walk into the retailer we identify to get exactly what they were looking for."