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Griffith Laboratories Micocin bags Health Canada approval

PBR Staff Writer Published 08 February 2011

Griffith Laboratories, a company specializing in food blends, coatings and seasonings, has announced that Micocin, an anti-Listeria product, has been approved for sale by Health Canada.

Micocin is a targeted solution (it can recognize, target and inhibit bacterial growth) that can reduce risk and food product recall by controlling the growth of Listeria in packaged meat products.

It was developed from a strain of naturally-occurring bacteria, Carnobacteria maltaromaticum, which produces a bacteriocin especially effective against Listeria monocytogenes.

Griffith Laboratories senior vice president of New Technology David Smith said with the new Canadian legislation designed to reduce the risk of Listeria in Ready to Eat Foods expected to be introduced on April 1st, 2011, Micocin can play a key role in helping customers comply with the new rules.

The Canadian approval means that customers in Canada as well as the US can begin using Micocin to help control Listeria in finished products.