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New Cardioviva probiotic supplement available across Canada and US

PBR Staff Writer Published 28 May 2013

Cardiovivia, the first patented probiotic supplement, has been made available by The Winning Combination across Canada and US as a small orally administered remedy to lower high levels of cholesterol that are harmful for the heart in adults.

The new supplement comes at a time when scientific and public health leaders are conducting several studies to understand the role of microbiome, known as the gut, in maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance.

Commenting on the first therapeutic remedy, Cardioviva product developer and chief scientific officer Dr. Mitchell Jones said that Cardioviva addresses health problems such as high cholesterol in a new and natural way.

"Cardioviva supports a balanced bile metabolism and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in two ways: by reducing the amount of cholesterol the body produces, and by reducing the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food." Dr. Jones added.

The probiotic has already been clinically established and demonstrated ability to reduce total and LDL-cholesterol by 11.6% in adults with increased levels of cholesterol.

Currently, more than 40% of Canadians and 44% of Americans have high blood cholesterol, which remains as a main cause of death for both men and women.